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Over 15 years of confidence built up by strong experience and knowledge


Xantrion, Inc.

ConsultantJune 2013 – Present

In the industry for 15 years, I bring technical competence, confidence, and willingness to always find a solution. I help provide a managed hybrid cloud solution to companies of 50+ employees. I act as the IT Manager for 2 separate clients that require on site infrastructure and resources for time critical applications. I assist in managing another client in which a hybrid cloud solution has been implemented across multiple branch sites.

Central Coast Information Systems

System AdministratorMarch 2013 – June 2013

Computer consulting for an international company in which its environment included Windows, Linux and SCO Unix. I supported on premise infrastructure integrating all platforms into Active Directory. I also supported a city’s IT infrastructure including the Police Department and it’s security complexities required.

Otterbyte Technology (formerly Deditech Consulting)

OwnerSeptember 2005 – December 2011

Perform comprehensive role as business owner/operator and senior level IT Manager overseeing the Monterey Bay Region that includes dozens of clients. Clients range from one-person home support to medical and legal offices with an in-house secured server storing very sensitive data. Perform maintenance of computer systems and schedule visits to assure systems do not fail. Respond to client requests in a timely manner while providing all clients phone support to simple questions/concerns. Working environment includes PC and Mac workstations ranging in age and operating systems, PC and Mac servers, and various networking equipment that all need to be supported fully for each client.





Volunteer Work

California State University Monterey Bay

Board Member (Past President), Alumni Association – July 2010 – Present

California State University, Monterey Bay’s Alumni Association provides opportunities for alumni to remain engaged, connected and give back to current and future students of CSUMB. The Alumni Association works to continue CSUMB’s vision statement by supporting the success of our alumni and students. The Alumni Association Board of Directors and Alumni Committees work to continue the vision of CSUMB through opportunities for alumni to remain engaged, connected, and give back to current and future students.

Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue

Volunteer – December 2010 – June 2013

MCSO SAR volunteers respond to an average of 65 emergency calls each year. Typical missions include:

  • Wilderness searches for missing or injured hikers.
  • Urban searches for Alzheimer’s patients or lost children.
  • Rescuing injured hikers in the backcountry.
  • Swiftwater rescues due to flooding.
  • Rescues or recoveries resulting from vehicles that drive off cliffs.
  • Evidence or abduction searches for law enforcement.
  • Searches for downed aircraft.
  • Body recoveries of various types.
  • Mutual aid searches during urban disasters.


California State University Monterey Bay

Bachelor of ScienceComputer Science – Class of 2005


Microsoft Administration

  • Active Directory
  • Azure Cloud
  • Office 365 deployment/migration
  • Exchange
  • Remote Desktop Services / Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Ubuntu Administration

Red Hat / CentOS Administration

Asterisk Administration / Implementation

Network Administrator

  • Cisco IOS
  • Routing troubleshooting
  • Virtual switch configuration (Hyper-V / VMWare)
  • Virtual LAN (VLAN) / Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

Group Affiliations

CSU Monterey Bay Alumni Association
Scouting Alumni Association – Boy Scouts of America

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