Yosemite - Glacier Point Rd

Snowshoeing in the last of winter snow

It is getting warm and spring has come. Winter snow is melting away and before its all gone, I want to enjoy it at least one more time. This Yosemite trip I was able to get a wilderness permit and snowshoe up Glacier Point Rd.

I get to the trailhead and start hiking up at around 5 pm on Friday. My final goal was to make it to Glacier Point. Roughly 10.5 miles from the Badger Pass Ski Area. Though as of March 1, 2016 it is now called Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area because of a naming rights dispute with Delaware North Parks and Resorts. The outgoing concessionaire. Personally I believe this to be the worst side of American capitalism.  How can a company claim naming rights to something that were named before they came on board? How can they claim they are worth anything if those places are no longer named the names in dispute. Know this Delaware North, I will never support any of your locations.

The main point of this trip is not the distance or even really enjoying the snow, it’s about breaking in a new pair of La Sportiva Baruntse mountaineering boots. These boots are awesome but I need to get used to them and them used to my feet. At around 6.1 miles (roughly 9 something at night) my feet were done! I could not walk anymore.

Made some good creamy pasta and hit the sack.

Woke up to my favorite chipmunk sound from the John Muir Trail. Got up to enjoy the beautiful sunset and packed up camp. I assessed if I could make it to Glacier Point. Nope, not happening. I was hoping that massive blister I earned the night before would have felt better but not at all. So I walk slowly back to trailhead. Just a leisure pace. At noon I cook a curried salmon couscous, set up the hammock and took a nap. Cause why not!

I make it to the trailhead at around 5 pm on Saturday and head to the store in the valley. That’s when I get a text message from some friends camping in the valley. I hang out with them Saturday. Have some yummy smores and then eventually drive back home.

All in all pretty good weekend. I need to break in the boots a lot more. Though in the end, I did get to enjoy Yosemite snow one more time before it all melts away.